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Bilty is one of the greatest platforms for managing the transportation business easily. Here we offer Bilty(LR) entries in a predefined format and generate a Bilty(LR) Printout of entered LR. We can also generate the Order Trip by entering required information. In which we also create the Gate Pass and their report you can easily create all entries and generate reports. We also provide the Triplet Printout of Order. In which you can make Order Copy, Consignor Copy, Consignee Copy and Driver Copy. Report provides us with overall performance of transportation business with print, Export to Excel, Save as PDF option. Here, we offer all steps in only two modules—registration and report. You can enter data for all applicable forms in the registration module. We made it available in clear terms to make it simple to understand. Similar to this, we organized the report's data by date to make it simple for you to understand.


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    Bilty App is straightforward and user-friendly. In the registration module we offer a detailed registration for all entries regarding like Bilty(LR) Entry, and Order Trip, Additionally, we offer Gate Pass Entry. We offer entry of income and expenses as well as payment collection for managing accounts.

  • Bilty offers a variety of reports. Reports outline our general level of performance. We've included a thorough report below to help you manage the data conveniently. We also offer printing in CSV and Excel formats. Additionally, we offer Gate Pass and Goods Movement Reports.


Modules of Bilty





Order Trip


User Accounts

Gate Pass

Imcome and Expenses

Payment Collection


Order Report

Order Trip Report

Goods Movement Report

Gate Pass Report

Collection Report

User Wise Report

Consignee Wise Report

Vehicle Report

Expense Report

Change Password

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Aditya Bhosle


Manage Your bilties easily by using this app. It is simple and versatile featured everyone love this.

Santosh gule


The Bilty application is incredibly quicker and simpler to use. I am now overjoyed with my application.

Prashant Sindagi

Managing Director

Manage and update your applications is truly fantastic. I never experience any sort of issue.

Dilip Shinde


We created a great software for managing accounts. We value their meticulousness and originality.


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